Computer Repair

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If your computer just won't boot or you have a broken LCD screen, our computers repair and upgrades are just what your are looking for. We can help you determine which parts are bad, order replacements or suggest upgrades, and install them in your computer properly. We can also assist with operating system or software upgrades and ensure you have the appropriate hardware to do so.

Our computer repair & upgrades services include: Computer Upgrades, Laptop Upgrades, Desktop Upgrades, Notebook Upgrades, PC Upgrades, Hardware Repair, Hardware Upgrades, Memory Upgrades, Optical Drive Upgrades, Optical Drive Repair, Video Card Repair, Video Card Upgrades, Power Supply Upgrades, Not Booting Repair, Home Upgrades, Office Upgrades, Local Upgrades, Onsite Upgrades, Mobile Upgrades, Business Upgrades, Upgrades all by Computer Repair & Upgrade Specialists.