Mac Repair

Mac computers

We at Comp-u-logic Computer Services also provide Mac computer support for Macbook Pro, Mac Pro, Macbook Air, Macbook, Mac Mini, and iMac. Besides helping first time users to install Mac Operating Systems, there are other applications too which we help the users to install. Those users who work with Mac Operating System simultaneously with Windows also require expert Mac OS support so that working with both is possible in a perfectly seamless manner. We can assist when your Mac refuses to start, or runs slowly starts, but stops abruptly cannot install the operating system makes strange loud noises cannot backup or recover data cannot set up printer, fax or scanner opens documents in the wrong app, does not recognize plugged-in devices, cannot eject a disc, or screen suddenly looks messed up.

We install hardware upgrades for all Mac products if your looking for more out of your Mac, give us a call and let you know your upgrade options. Its quite easy to add an extra hard drive in your Macbook Pro or Mac Mini. These days CD/DVD players are not being used much, many of the Mac products dont even come with the DVD player anymore. We can replace your DVD player with an extra 1TB hard drive. If your looking forperformance we can install a SDD Flash Drive for the main boot system drive. This option will make a 5 year old Macbook Pro come back to life.